LIMITED - Beige Handmade Italian Suede Strap

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It's beige baby!

After the success of the first handmade Italian suede strap we made, we decided we wanted to offer another! So after incredible feedback from customers on how much they loved the Italian suede, we made another super-limited batch. This time is a warm beige color.

Why Suede?

Suede is a popular strap material, prized for it's charming texture and softness. Well suited to modern and vintage watches alike, if you're looking for a real alternative to leather you can't go wrong.

What to wear it with?

Beige is a warm, neutral color. What does that mean? Not only does it balance everything together, but it can also make your outfits look cohesive, even when paired with colors you might not usually go for. Reds and blues go particularly well!